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Critical trains of thoughts: (is) The(re) (a)need of (for) social networking(?)

(is) The(re) (a)need of (for) social networking(?)

A look at the pros and cons of social networking

Back in the good ol’ days (this means 3 or 4 years ago), i remember my first time creating a MySpace-account.
By that time, I was checking out a lot of bands on the internet and realized, that they all had a myspace page, so i figured i’d need one too. The registration didn’t take very long, and i was first introduced to social networking.
Though myspace could be used for sharing information with friends, i used it primarily to be up-to-date on tours, releases or member-changes of my favourite bands, and to check out underground bands as well.
By it’s bulletin-function it basically served as a roundup of different updates.
Furthermore, myspace, for me at least, was always connected to artists at some point, whether it was musicians, painters, photographers, tattoo-artists or anything else.
A good 1 ½ years later i was introduced to facebook, when someone sent me an invitation via e-mail. Of course I didn’t hesitate to create a profile and check it out, since i had had good eperiences with MySpace.
Then i realized, that, at that time, it only served as presenting oneself and getting updates on friends, which I actually had already heard from when i was talking to them!

But an increasing number of friends and relatives started using it, since they weren’t interested in getting infos about bands, as much as i was (and still am) and therefore weren’t really interested in using myspace. The simplicity of facebook also contributed to this fact. So they started posting updates on facebook and constantly included me, sending me invitations and so on, until it got to a point where i had had it, and wanted to erase my account.
That’s where i realized that you couldn’t actually erase your account (i don’t know about the properties now, to be honest), you could only put it out of service temporarily.
The next few weeks, that was the time when facebook started growing rapidly, I constantly got e-mails from facebook, trying to persuade me into reactivating my account. But not only that, a whole lot of friends started asking me about whether i had facebook or not – as trivial as it may sound, i felt like i was missing out on something.
So i re-activated my account.
Within two weeks i was tired of using facebook again.
But one thing changed, and this change is now strengthened by me starting my acamedic studies.

Said change brings me to my final conclusion: From my perspective, it nowadays is almost necessary to use social networking.
First things first, not only if you want to participate in the business world, but also the general society, you have to stay up-to-date on technical innovation, but you should also be well aware of the fact that social networking is ONLINE – it’s not the real world, a lot of people seem to forget about that.
It has gotten so bad in some places, that people feel isolated when they don’t have access to facebook – this development is totally wrong.
In order to not get lost in the online-world and to avoid letting our real-word social abilities totally wither, we need to limit ourselves as to only use the most important functions of social networking – staying in contact with friends, or co-workers when they actually aren’t around. And avoid wasting time on „liking“ something or playing games.
Furthermore, especially for businesses, bands or all different kinds of organizations, social networking has become vital for staying in contact with the public and setting up a mutally beneficial relationship.
One has to be aware of the dangers of sharing too much information with the public, but not sharing any information isn’t possible anymore nowadays.

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