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Section: A look at „historical“ releases: Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone (2004)

Heaven Shall Burn – Antigone (2004)

Vocals: Marcus Bischoff
Guitars: Maik Weichert
Guitars: Patrick Schleitzer
Bass: Eric Bischoff
Drums: Matthias Voigt


Words, these words of freedom;
A bequest, never to be silenced.

Those are the lyrics that kick off the now live-standard and fan-favourite „The Weapon they Fear“, as well as this, at it’s time, groundbraking record.
But these words also managed to initiate Heaven Shall Burn’s constant rise of popularity and success.
By creating a hasty mixture, consisting of traditional swedish death-metal-sounding guitars and drums and the, at that that time, relatively new hardcore-attitude, Heaven Shall Burn accomplished what a lot of bands always strife, but often fail to achieve: create a trademark sound.
Extreme brutal parts („Voice of the Voiceless“, „Architects of the Apocalypse“) are loosened up by great melodies and almost epic-seemingly structures („Numbing the Pain“, „The Dream is Dead“) – but this record also set-off yet another HSB trademark – instrumental parts written by the icelandic multiinstrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds („Echoes“, „Risandi Von“, „Deyjandi Von“) which not only take the listener on a notional, melancholy journey, but also manage to prescind the lyrical context of this record.
Heaven Shall Burn are known for being mostly vegan and straight-edge, which of course, also contributed to the lyrical concept of the album, indicated in the title „Antigone“ (taken from greek mythology), including the Victor-Jara murder as well as general integrity and political activism.
The lyrical concept is screamed, whispered and growled towards the listener by Marcos Bischoff, whose performance is outstanding and has yet to be reached within the genre, where Heaven Shall Burn dwells.
„Antigone“ was the start-up for the career of a band that has successfully mangaged attacking and taking over the leading position of extreme metal bands in germany and is in the process of taking their music to the next level, by taking over the whole mainland europe.
If you are a fan of Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore and don’t already know this record – you’re in for a treat!

The Weapon they Fear - Official Video

Voice of the Voiceless live @ Summer Breeze Festival 2008

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