Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Specials: Vegan? What’s that? Why you’re doing that?

Vegan? What’s that? Why you’re doing that?

On one hand, being Vegetarian has become more or less accepted in today’s society, but on the other hand some people nowadays still don’t know what Veganism stands for – here’s a look at what Veganism stands for, and why some people, including me, chose to live that way.

Veganism simply means that a person’ nutrition is based on everything that is herbal. Therefore vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals.
The reasons for such a choice might be different, but one thing most vegans have in common, is, that they think we as humans simply don’t have the right to think of us as the „end of the food chain“ and that we shouldn’t kill and torture animals in order to satisfy our need for meat.
Furthermore factory farming, which is the main thing that most vegans aspire to change, contributes to a large extent to the climate-change – statistics say, even 20 % more than international transport for example.
Adding to the fact that animals in factory farming are genetically mutated and fed antibiotics in order to give enough meat, milk or eggs in a short amount of time, they are fed nearly 90 % of the world’s soy production, while the farmers working on those soy fields are close to death by starvation.
Another reason for choosing to be vegan is that it adds a new level of health and conscience to ones life. Vegans think about what they eat way more than people which are just striving to satisfy their hunger. Furthermore, a vegan life is often combined with a more sportive lifestyle.
Though a lot of critics say that, without the protein of meat, one can’t physically accomplish what other sportsmen can, when they are on a protein diet, there are some examples of successful vegan sportsmen (e.g. Ricardo Moreira)
This leads me to another point that critics often use: „a strictly herbal diet can’t be healthy, as you’re missing out on milk, which gives your bones the needed calcium“ – well, that’s a general misunderstanding, since milk itself absorbs about 90 % of its calcium-content from the human body. Vegetables (e.g. broccoli) and fruits deal with the calcium in a more effective way, then milk.
There are a lot of studies on vegan nutrition, all showing that a vegan life is usually healthier then the general omnivore’s life.

My personal reasons for becoming vegan are a combination of all of those i mentioned – i didn’t only want to become healthier, i also want to contribute to a, hopefully, better world in the future. Whether that’s useless or not, i don’t care, because i follow my own thoughts. Furthermore, being vegan has brought a never-before seen open-mindedness to my life, as, while reading about the topic, i’ve dealt with ethics and morals in our society.

But one of the things that is really important to me, is that a lot of vegans seem to think of themselves as the upholders of moral standards – and therefore they convict omnivores or carnivores.
My concern is, that, even if you’re vegan, your highest goal should be TOLERANCE – everyone has the freedom to think, do, eat, drink, smoke whatevery they want. Who are you to judge them?

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