Montag, 8. November 2010

Critical trains of thoughts: A small essay on the (existing?) Austrian Metal-Scene

A small essay on the (existing?) Austrian Metal-Scene

So like some of you may know, I’m playing in a band, and it just happens that we are playing metal.
Since the band already exists since quite some time, we’ve played a lot of gigs and festivals, and there’s one thing that really grinds my gears.
It seems to me, that Austrian (metal-)bands don’t work TOGETHER.
Let me explain that a little. I’ve been in contact with some U.S. and U.K. bands. Those scenes are the prime example for creative, active and fructile metal environments. There are a lot of young, talented bands that are able to gain a certain level of success already at a very young age. So far so good.
Now i don’t want to say that austrian musicians are less talented than our friends from overseas or from the island. It’s just that we don’t have the needed periphery for austrian bands to gain success.

The least thing to do for an austrian band if it wants to gain success, is moving to germany or having its prime market in germany. Those bands than are able to play to bigger crowds (of course, since our country is quite small).

But I think that we could have a far more flourishing, creative scene in Austria – there already are some good examples of people really trying to push the envelope and create a REAL scene. (e.g. Metalchamp, Hinterhof studios, Stormbringer)

The thing that always blocks the creation of a real scene, is, in my opinion, and I’ve learned that from first-hand experience, that Austrian bands tend to work against each other. They denounce other bands behind their backs, they don’t help each other out – they have yet to realize that we’re all in the same boat – and by helping each other out by setting up gigs, lending equipment, sharing busses we would all be able to have more success.
Furthermore, this would help supporting talented musicians that simply don’t want to play in bands since there is no success to be seen.
Now i don’t want to say that this scenario is existing just like that everywhere in Austria. But in vienna, where the metal scene takes place to a large amount, it certainly is.
Though there are some really talented younger bands in a lot of other cities, they often don’t get the chance to play with international bands, since Vienna-based bands simply aren’t that far away, and international tours often only stop in Vienna.
So it’s not all that bad, but it could be a lot better. We are supposed to work together and to help each other out – then maybe we could have a flourishing metal scene in Austria as well.

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