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War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX 2010

A look at „historical“ releases

War From A Harlots Mouth – MMX (2010)

Vocals: Nico
Guitars: Simon
Drums: Paul
Guitars: Daniel
Bass: Filip

MMX Cover

Berlin. Hardcore. Black Metal. Jazz!?

Starting with high-pitched screams and an intense blast-beat, this record leaves no doubt about its intention – to create a feeling of unpleasentness and awkwardness.

The berlin-based band provides a mixture of black metal („Insomnia“, ), hardcore and jazzy breaks („Sugarcoat“, „Sleep is the brother of Death“). This description alone sounds awkward enough. But War From A Harlots Mouth has matured. While their earlier records may have been a little bit too chaotic for some listeners (me excluded), they have established a more sophisticated songwriting.

This well-thought songwriting makes it possible for the band to not only show their immense talent but to also make the songs memorable. The use of 8-string-guitars adds to the level of creepyness which the record arouses.

„Spineless“ demonstrates the well-accented use of 8-string-guitars, and brilliant songwriting – starting off with a fast-paced riff and a blast-beat, the song quickly evolves into a more hardcore-based style, which is then torn apart by a jazz-interlude, only to return to the hardcore-style.

The lyric concept deals with individual problems and by that, creates a connection to problems of our society. Nico’s high-pitched screams emphasize the level of creepyness even more.

„Inferno III/IV“ demonstrates the band’s rejection of any „rules“ that would confine their music. The beginning is an adaptation of a composition of Franz Liszt.

If this information hasn’t convinced you to check out this great piece of art, maybe a video of the band’s tight live-performance will: (FYI: the band uses no click track live!)

To Age and Obsolete - War From A Harlots Mouth live @ Gasometer Wien

Cover Artwork (by Joshua Andrew Berlanger)

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