Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Now seriously, who's telling the truth here? No one?

Victor Orban, prime-minister of hungary

Continuing the thoughts I started on this article, some new aspects have been added to the ongoing discussion about the new media-law in hungary.

Victor Orban, prime minister of Hungary and leader of the Fidesz-Party, has recently held an inauguration speech in Straßburg, in the EU parliament

Considering the recent ongoing media-coverage of the new media-law in hungary, it was eagerly anticipated.

The media people were interested in how Victor Orban would react to the criticism of his controversial media law.

But Orban didn't see any need to defend or even excuse his actions. He presented himself as the victim of a negative media-campaign. Stating, that calling him the driving force to a totalitarian state was simply an affront. He furthermore stated that he couldn't believe how people could believe such wrong assumptions.

But what are people to believe? Who is right? The media or the politician Victor Orban? Whose PR advisors are better?

The problem is, that we only get to participate in this discussion through the media. The media therefore presents the information in a certain way and adds a spin to have a "scandalous" topic. People should first read the whole document on the law and then start discussing and criticizing it.

Having read only some extractions of the media law, I myself am not totally aware of every aspect it covers. It's a fact though that it is not acceptable in a media world with total freedom of press. But where does such a world exist anyway?

Victor Orban - Just an innocent victim?

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