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Born of Osiris Interview

"The Label has a lot to is what it is..."

Freethinkers' Blog conducted an interview with Born of Osiris's Lee McKinney and Ronnie Canizaro  right after their phenomenal high-energy show in Vienna on 2011/02/07.

Hear what the guys have to say about touring in mainland Europe, label-control, excessive partying and their new Album, entitled "The Discovery".

Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris is a Deathcore/Progressive-Band from Pallatine, Illinois. They are renowned for a hybrid mixture of djenty, meshuggah-type riffs and poppy melodies and hooks.

They formed as "Rosecrance" in 2003, with all the members still being in High School.

They've been with Sumerian Records since the release of "The New Reign" which helped them gain popularity.

In 2009 they released "A Higher Place" which led to a change in seasons, since they introduced more complex and technial material while adding more experimental song-structures.

They recently finished recording their upcoming album "The Discovery", due March 22nd, at Bota Studios with the help of engineer Don "dB" Byczynski. You can listen to the new track "Follow the Signs" at Born of Osiris' facebook-page.

Born of Osiris played the tracks "Recreate" and "Devastate" on their tour with Darkest Hour, Protest the Hero and Purified in Blood

Here's the track "Recreate" recorded live @ their show at Arena Wien on 2011/02/07

Official Video for "Open Arms to Damnation" from the Record "The New Reign"

Official Video for "Now Arise" from the record "A Higher Place"

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