Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Kylesa Interview

"I wouldn't want to make THE perfect record, cause then i'd have to stop"

We sat down with Phillip Cope, vocalist and guitarist in the sludge-band Kylesa. Right after their soundcheck, and before their headline-show @Arena Wien, Kleine Halle.

Phil was kind enough to answer us questions concerning touring in Europe, getting a good live-sound, a dream-come-true-tour, and their inspirations for songwriting:

 I'll be totally honest with you, i'm not really that satisfied with the interview, Phil didn't really seem to catch my drift, but he was really kind and appreciative. That's why I'm still positive about the interview. The live-show after the interview totally made up for my initial negative thoughts.

Kylesa's show that same night was mindblowing to say the least. They had an impressive live-sound despite having to set up two drumkits, and getting two guitars, two vocalists, a bass guitar, keyboards, and two single drums, which shows how experienced the band already is.

The live-energy of their set was intense, being supported by a really tight rhythm-section, which was enhanced by the two single drums, being handled by vocalist Phillip Cope and bassist Corey Barhorst.

 The crowd-reaction was great, which seemed to be reflected by the band. I'm still impressed as to how much Corey was rocking out the whole time.

Kylesa's appreciation for Prog-music was being manifested that night: They played a great cover of Pink Floyd's "Set the controls for the heart of the sun"

Kylesa are a must-see for every Sludge-, and Prog-fan.

Kylesa are currently on tour with Okkultokrati in Europe.

Kylesa Set the controls for the heart of the sun (Pink Floyd) LIVE Vienna, Austria 2011-02-16

Kylesa Don't look back LIVE Arena, Vienna, Austria 2011-02-16


 Find out more about the band here:

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