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Wr. Neustadt Metal Scene Report

Within the last year or so, i've come to realize that my hometown, Wr. Neustadt in good old austria actually, has a vital, creative and fertile "metal"-scene going on, if you want to call it that way.
So I'm now gonna present some bands that you might have already heard of, but if not, you're definitely in for a treat.


Initially started by Alex Kodnar (lead guitars) and Daniel Fellner (vocals, guitars), this band seems to be blowing up right now.
They formed in 2009, which means they're a comparably "young" band, which only adds to their success. They play a great combination of technical, yet catchy and melodic death metal.
With the addition of bassist Jörg Varga (former Thorns of Ivy) and Tom Urbanek (Demolition, Days of Loss,...) the band seems to have found just the right rhythm-section that has the needed technical ability to add to the phenomenal leads of Alex and the aggressive screams of Daniel.
Devastating Enemy recorded their, in the underground, well acclaimed EP entitled The Gods of Reason at Hinterhof Studios with the help of mastermind Norbert Leitner.
Tracks such as "Embodiment of Decline" or "In Black" have become trademarks for the band, as they took every possibility to play live, regardless of the location.
The quality of those songs had the band earn a fierce fan-base, that would help them win 2010s "Metalchamp"-contest - leading to promotion deals, album recordings and what not.
Devastating Enemy's first full length, entitled "The Fallen Prophet", will be released on March 25th 2011 - it again was recorded at Hinterhof Studios.
This band has phenomenal technical ability, great songwriting skills, energetic live-performances and those dudes are just awesome to hang out with.

Video for "As Bloodshed Begins" from their debut record "The Fallen Prophet"

Inhale the innocence LIVE Vienna, Austria 2011-01-14

Find out more about the band here:

Bled Dry

Another young phenomenon. This technical death-metal outfit was started in 2005 by Bernd "Bernth" Brodträger, an insanely talented young guitarist. (His wizardry can be seen in none other than Belphegor, who he tours with) He was looking for musicians that would add to his creativity, but such a high level of quality at such a young age is rare and therefore hard to find. So Bled Dry had to deal with a lot of line-up changes.
But with the addition of Michael Brugger, providing his outstanding guttural growls and squeals, and session musicians, the band had found a way to live out their creativity.
Their goal was to write the most technical, intense death metal, that would NOT have useless gore, but critical lyrics with a strong concept behind them. And god damn did they reach that goal!
In 2009 they recorded the EP "...of Murder and Mankind" which helped them gain popularity.
In 2010 Bled Dry entered the Hinterhof Studios to record their first full-length "This World is Hell", which is a manifestation of their relentlessness. Qaulity-wise, this full-length is up there with the leaders of the genre "brutal/technical death metal".

In 2010, Bernth became a touring member in Belphegor, as mentioned, where he met Martin "Marthyn" Jovanovic, an outstanding death-metal drummer. They built a strong bond, and he's now with Bled Dry. The master of the low strings, also known as Jörg Varga and Alex Kodnar of Devastating Enemy are now sharing their creativity in Bled Dry as well.

Unfortunately, in 2011, Michael Brugger had to leave Bled Dry due to studies, work and personal reasons. But with a debut-album that strong, and a line-up that good, this band is unstoppable!

Bled Dry - Icon of the ill-fated LIVE Vienna, Austria 2011-01-29

Bled Dry Necromundus (Schatten) LIVE Vienna, Austria 2011-01-29

Find out more about the band here:

The Antiproduct

This band was started back in 2004 by the now only remaining founding member, guitar wizard Max Kernegger.
First, the band wasn't too serious, as Max and his friend Hannes Schlagl (bass) back then were only finding out, what this thing called "metal" was.
But with the years progressing, and the addition of Peter Durst, former death-metal-outfit Darkside guitarist, things  started getting more serious.
Songs were written, shows were played - the band was progressing, and getting more accustomed and popular.
But The Antiproduct always had problems regarding their band members. Be it their technical abilities, or personal problems. It just didn't fit.
Yet alongside those problems, Andreas Schekulin (also: Earased) came in as a vocalist, and was not to leave again: his reckless high-energetic live performances have become a trademark of the band.
The line-up problems finally were eradicated with the addition of yours truly, Michael as bassist and Oliver, drummer extraordinaire with a jazz-background (who is currently studying drums) in the fall of 2010.
With the new line-up the band played more shows, became more serious, spent a lot of time finding their signature sound, and are now hungrier than ever to play every show possible.
With the anticipated release at the end of March 2011 of the debut album entitled "Fear Machine", and new songs already in the works for a yet untitled EP, this band shows that no problems will ever stop them.

The Antiproduct - Circle of the lost Vienna, Austria 2010-12-17

The Antiproduct - Symptoms of insanity Vienna, Austria 2010-03-27

Find out more about the band here

Where it all comes together

Bandhouse Wr. Neustadt - located near the train station in Wr. Neustadt. This is where all of those bands, and a LOT more were formed, learned their instruments, spent 100s (if not 1000s) of hours practicing, partying, writing and recording.

This place is the perfect rehearsal space for any young band. Offering soundproof spaces at low rents, people have built not only band headquarters but also recording studios here.

The names speak for themselves:

and many many more

...and then there's this guy

Starting off as a huge slipknot fan, and learning his way around in Thorns of Ivy, Kerim "Krimh" Lechner, also a Wr. Neustadt-based musician, is now playing for Death-Metal legend Decapitated.
No words needed here, let the videos do the talking:

Krimh - Visual Delusion - Metalcamp 2010

Krimh - Converge To Us

Krimh - Summer Slaughter Tour 2010

Other bands that you should have heard of

Selling the Drama
Emily's Bleeding
Confessions of Pain
Drained Thoughts
Death Mentality

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