Freitag, 11. März 2011

An open letter to despair

It seems, no matter how much you try to be positive-thinking and hopeful, at some point, you hit rock bottom.

Whether it’s personal struggle, health problems, or a dream you’ve worked very hard for, and for different reasons you simply can’t reach. At some point you start realizing that you’re losing control over how your life is progressing.

The thought of wasted time and energy that you’ve invested in the future is paralyzing.

You start losing hope and faith in yourself and your strenghts and what’s left? Blatant misery and despair as the hours pass by, leaving you unable to live a normal life.

Nothing seems to work for you anymore – your passions are gone, all you’ve liked and loved now leaves you cold-hearted and miserable.

Unable to act, you watch your life fading away.

How can you regain your strength? Where is all your confidence? How can you find back to a normal life? Where is the solution when all hope is gone?

It is your life, you can do with it whatever you want – why not end it?

Unknown Artist

Someone sent this to me – I thought i’d share it here.

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