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A look at „historical“ releases

Machine Head – Burn My Eyes (1994)

Robb  Flynn – Vocals, Guitar
Adam Duce – Bass
Logan Mader – Guitar
Chris Kontos - Drums


Burn My Eyes Cover Art

1994. A time, where melancholy, dark and drowny songs were at its peak, and Metal was nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. Grunge had been recognized by MTV and had killed all things Metal within a short amount of time.

But there was resistance. Bands like Pantera and Machine Head introduced a new level of aggression and brutality to the Thrash Genre. They incorporated hardcore punk-vibes into their sound and spiced it up with more aggressive, screamed vocals.

Robb Flynn, having quit Forbidden and pursuing his own musical wishes, got together with his bandmates and created a now legendary Thrash release, entitled Burn My Eyes.

This record takes you on a journey through Robb Flynn’s experience on the streets in Oakland, CA, his relationship with drugs, personal struggle and a level of aggression that, at that time, had never been there before.

Be it the ferocious start of the record with now live-classics „Davidian“ and „Old“, the hip-hop-influenced „A thousand Lies“ or mid-tempo songs like „Death Church“ and „The Rage to Overcome“  the quality is at an ultimate high throughout the whole record.

Thrashers like „Blood for Blood“ and „Block“ satisfy the die-hard metal fans, and with „I’m your God Now“ (my personal favourite), there is already a sign of a balladesque song on the record, which would become a Machine Head trademark later on in their career. But don’t be intimated, „I’m Your God Now“ may start slow, but it develops into a brutal outburst towards the end of the song.

Burn My Eyes is still considered Machine Head’s best record among their fanbase. It isn’t only a must-have for MH-fans, but also for Thrash-fans.

No wonder that Burn My Eyes was Roadrunner Record's best selling record until Slipknot's self-titled debut.

But that doesn’t even matter, it was my introduction to really extreme music. I still remember thinking „damn they must be really pissed off“ when I first heared it. I was feeling so bad-ass, that I simply HAD to get back listening to it.

For your listening pleasure, some classics:

Machine Head - A Thousand Lies live @ Dynamo (1995)

Machine Head - Death Church live @ Burn My Eyes anniversary show, Philadelphia (2004)

Machine Head - Block live @ Brixton Academy (2004)

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