Freitag, 29. April 2011

Pearls in the making

First Fragment – The Afterthought Ecstasy EP



1.              Ordnance
2.              Fake Repentance
3.              Obsolete Ascendancy
4.              Quintessential Rebirth
5.              The Afterthought Ecstasy
6.              Paradoxal Subjugation

A virtuosic classical piano intro. Blast Beats. Death Growls. Intense Riffing. Odd time signatures. A soulful solo. Back to the riffing.

These guys from Longueuil, Canada manage to combine all of those aspects into not only listenable, but cohesive songs.

Imagine a bastard of Necrophagist, Chopin and At the Gates. Listening to First Fragment, you’ll get all advantages of those combined.

The cool thing about those guys is, that their songs are not a slaughterhouse from front to back - they try to keep the songs dynamic. (check out the intro for: Quintessential Rebirth.

By adding vocal patterns, the vocalist functions more than another "instrument" if you will.

This EP is the bands debut, and they are writing on their first full length. Get those guys on tour with other technical bands from Quebec (preferably Beneath the Massacre and Origin) and they’ll be internationally known.

The only letdown is, that the bass isn’t very audible on the EP. Other than that, the production fulfills its purpose.

If you are a fan of the mentioned bands and aren’t afraid of experiments – check those guys out!

More info about the band:

„Obsolete Ascendancy“

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