Mittwoch, 27. April 2011


The latest form of entertainment. When politics become more and more personalized and trivial.

The old saying „control the media/control the masses“ has never been more current. Politics controlling the media corporations in a country are securing their political success.

Whether it be SilvioBerlusconi steadily augmenting, or Victor Orban setting up his control of the media corporations or every ordinary dictator in a third world country.

They all know that, when they are able to decide what is presented in what way, they are able to manipulate and ultimately control the opinion of the average person.

Control the media - control the masses
But who is to blame?

Even in countries where some sort of freedom of press is given, the role of politics in media is becoming more and more trivial.

Election debates are TV-events, planned from beginning to end, with questions and answers being prepared for weeks, even months.

Political opponents more or less fight each other verbally, while having dinner together, when cameras are out.

PR advisors of political parties seem to have more power over what is presented in the media than the politicians themselves.

PR events and stunts are created for politicians just like for every other company.

Political debates in the parliament are not presented in the media anymore, unless some sort of scandal takes place.

Decisions aren’t made in the parliament anymore – they are agreed upon in the media.

Politicial TV events - politainment - the latest form of entertainment

But who is to blame?

In the western media world, the phrase „esse est percipi“ has become the main motto.

Existing depends on being perceived. Yet, the media controls whatever is being perceived. If an event isn’t appropriate for media actions, it simply doesn’t take place.

So every event has to become spectacular, produced for the media by the media.

Complexity has to be dumbed down in order to be consumable for everyone. The royal wedding being the prime example.

Same goes for politics. But things aren’t that easy all the time.

So who is to blame?

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