Dienstag, 12. April 2011

The (rotten) cherry on top of the cake

Austria's minister of justice, Claudia Bandion-Ornter, has been criticized by both her colleagues at court, as the media.

Her disputable decisions and turns, influenced by skilled PR guys show, that the political agenda is lower-ranking compared to Bandion-Ortner's reputation throughout the public sphere.

The reactions to her latest shenanigans show, that fooling the public isn't possible, and there is a need for real transparency (especially when said politician speaks up for more transparency...)

Yet I think, that Bandion-Ortner's problems are only the (rotten) cheery on top of the cake.

People feel peevish about Austrian politics, be it lobbyism-scandals, widespread corruption (BAWAG, BUWOG), or childish fights about minor topics.

All those negative incidents have caused a feeling of general dislike of the whole political process among the public. The mutual paralysis of the grand coalition has caused nothing but anger and frustration.

Latest polls show, that, if there would be an election next week, the populist party would probably play an important role.

And that's where the real problem lies. We can't let the populist party get the voters from the grand coalition.

There HAS to be a real alternative for young, politically active and critical voters. The Green Party is too dusty and bullheaded to actually make a difference.

It's time for change. Or do we really want this guy solving Austria's most important problems?

Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) in all seriousness

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