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Track-by-Track review Wars of the roses

Jørn and Daniel from Ulver were kind enough to do a review of their latest record entitled "Wars of the Roses", due 25th of April via Kscope

Considering, that filmed interviews with the band are a rarity, we are very proud and grateful for the opportunity we were offered.

On that same day (or night) the guys played an intense show with mindblowing visual effects. Their shows are definitely special, so go check them out if you get the chance!

Here's the interview for you guys to check out:

Jørn and Daniel about: February MMX, Norwegian Gothic and Providence

Jørn and Daniel about: September IV, England and Island

Jørn and Daniel about: Stone Angels which is a poem by Keith Wauldrop

Jørn and Daniel about: general info on "Wars Of The Roses"

Ulver is a band from norway. They started by playing Black Metal, but later on included trip-hop, ambience and industrial elements in their sound.

Cover-art for Ulver's latest record entitled "Wars of the Roses" by Trine+Kim

Try to catch the band, while they are still on tour!

March 22 UK, London, Koko
March 26 France, Paris, Le Trabendo
March 27 Netherlands, Rotterdam, Off_Corso
March 28 Germany, Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
March 29 Germany, Bochum, Matrix
March 30 Germany, Karlsruhe, Substage
March 31 Switzerland, Basel, Z7
April 01 Germany, Munich, Backstage Halle
April 02 Italy, Ravenna, Madonna dell'Albero
April 03 Austria, Vienna, Szene
April 05 Poland, Poznan, Eskulap
April 06 Germany, Berlin, K17
April 07 Slovakia, Bratislava, Majestic
April 08 Germany, Dresden, Beatpol
April 09 Belgium, Antwerp, Biebob
April 10 Germany, Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
April 16 Norway, Oslo, Rockefeller
April 21 Finland, Helsinki, Nosturi

Check out more about the band here:

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