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Beneath the Massacre Interview

Fuck BP!

Technical madness over Vienna! A huge technical death metal package is on the road to destroy Europe. With the package, Beneath the Massacre came to town on May 15th and Freethinkers' Blog was there for you guys once again. Phil helped me out on this one, since I couldn't go. He did a great job.

After simply devastating the "Arena" in Vienna, Dennis Bradley (Bass), Justin Rousselle (Drums) & Elliot Desgagnés (Vocals), took some of their time to answer us some questions.

The band talks about their new EP entitled "Marée Noire", their follow-up album, the concept behind "Marée Noire" (black tide), being a political band, their music scene, the pros and cons of touring and waaay more

Part 1

Part 2

See for yourself, those guys are simply insane:

"Black Tide" live @ Arena Wien

"Anomic" live @ Arena Wien

Beneath the Massacre

Is a Technical Death Metal Band that originated in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

The band was founded in 2004, to create music that combines Hardcore, Grindcore and Death Metal with an intense level of musicianship.

They released their first EP entitled "Evidence of Inequity" via Galy Records, and are now at Prosthetic Records.

So far, they have released two full lengths, with another one on the way:
-Mechanics of Dysfunction (2007)
-Dystopia (2008)

Their latest EP Marée Noire can be bought here

More info about the band can be found here:

Catch the band on Tour!

Cover Artwork for Marée Noire

Video for "Society's Disposable Son" off of "Mechanics of Dysfunction"

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