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Review - The Sorrow - The Sorrow

The Sorrow


1.      Afflictions
2.      Crossing Jordan
3.      Weight of the World
4.      Suffering Quotes
5.      Heart of A Lion
6.      Farewells
7.      You Are My Nemesis
8.      Paragon in Charity
9.      Draped in Misery
10.   Grief Machine
11.   Engraved in our Hearts
12.   Facing the End
13.   Reach for the Skies


Make it or break it. That’s what the third record is usually called. The Sorrow, having released a ferocious debut-album („Blessings from a Blackened Sky“) and a pretty safe follow-up („Origin of the Storm“) are gonna make it according to their third, self-titled, effort.

I showed a friend of mine their video for the song „Farewells“ and he said:“They have totally grown up“. This describes the record in a nutshell. The Sorrow sound nothing else but mature.

Gone are the forced breakdowns and exaggerated screams. The songwriting is the main focus. And the guys from Vorarlberg know how write good songs.

The record provides a great mixture of fast-paced, aggressive songs („Heart of A Lion“, „Weight of the World“, „Paragon in Charity“) and slower, more melodic and melancholy songs („Suffering Quotes“, „Farewells“, „Draped in Misery“)

Mätzes vocal-range has definitely improved. The guys once mentioned that they recorded all choruses clean-sung and screamed. Later on, they decided what would better fit the song. They made wise decisions.

The production of the record is mature as well. The drums sound organic, the guitars have really good attack and sound dry, while the bass is audible throughout the record the whole time.

A special thing I recognized about The Sorrow: They seem to have developed a whole concept for the band. Looking at band-pics, social media sites, homepage, videos, live-shows (banners, lights, outfits), and merch, the attentive viewer realizes that they tend to use the same colors and color-tones together with a certain style of presentation.
Never before have I realized something like that executed in that matter before. Such a concept is a great idea, as the band becomes somewhat of a trademark (in a positive way).
And they get more memorable as the band is linked to a certain feeling and image they create in people’s minds.

This album will hopefully help The Sorrow gain an international following. In my opinion they really deserve to play bigger venues and tours. So go check this album out!

Video for „Crossing Jordan“

Video for „Farewells“

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