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War from a Harlots Mouth Interview

A thunderstorm, cleansing the air, came to Vienna on May 12th 2011. Metaphorically and literally. War from a Harlots Mouth teared up Viper Room Vienna.

Yours truly, Michael, was standing/moshing/dancing/shouting in front row, to give you an inside report of one of the most energetic shows I have ever witnessed.

After a calm soundcheck on a nice and sunny day, WFAHM kicked off an earthquake of a show with "The Polyglutamine Pact". Nico (vocals) had the crowd in his hands within seconds. People were flying all over the location, Nico being one of them. He constantly interacted with the crowd and made everyone participate.

Paule's insane polyrhythmic drumming let jaws drop to viewer's knees. Yet, Paule still manages to rock out. Daniel, Filip and Simon kept the energy at an all time high, jumping, running and shredding around the small stage.

Even the band members from Winds of Plague and Iwrestledabearonce watched the show from the side of the stage. I saw them shake their heads more than once in awe.

The show seemingly passed within 5 minutes. I was simply blown away. It was one of the most intense shows I have ever witnessed. Realizing that I was really battered, I went outside the venue. Catch some fresh air.

But what I witnessed had me in awe once again: The weather had completely changed - it was basically raining cats and dogs. People scrambled under the entrance roof, some of them had put on their pullovers because it had gotten so cold.
The guys in WFAHM told us, that there was no electricity on the bus, and that we probably couldn't do the interview...but somehow it all worked out. Check me out, freezing my ass off while interviewing Simon from WFAHM, being completely destroyed afer such a fierce show:

Part 1 (with english subtitles)

Part 2 (with english subtitles)

To Age and Obsolete live @ Viper Room Vienna

The Polyglutamine Pact live @ Viper Room Vienna

War from a Harlots Mouth

Is a MathCore-Band from Berlin, Germany. They combine elements of hardcore, black metal and jazz to create a chaotic, yet extremely intense form of music, that is unique for their neck of woods.

Formed 2005 as Simon Hawemann's (guitars) side-project, they guickly got very popular after releasing their "Falling Upstairs" EP. Furthermore, the band's energetic live-shows quickly became a trademark in Berlin and soon all over the world as well.

After finding a consistent line-up, the band released 3 full-lenghts:
-Transmetropolitan (2007)
-In Shoals (2008)
-MMX (2010)

And toured all over the world.

Their latest effort entitled MMX was released last year via LifeForce-Records.

Get the CD here 

More Info about the band can be found here:

Artwork for "MMX" by Joshua Andrew Berlanger

Cancer Man / Recluse MMX (live @ NEVER SAY DIE 2010)

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