Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

After the Burial Interview

After the Burial are living their dream.

Not only are they making a living making music, but they're also touring the world and taking metal to a next level. Combining djent with intricate melodic aspects, they seem to have found their own spot now.

I sat down with Lee (bass) and Justin (rhythm guitar) just before their show at Szene Wien, Vienna.

We did the interview in an empty-office with some fancy couches and mics. I think it's the classiest one we ever did.

Justin and Lee were really laid back, simply humbled by the fact that they are playing in austria, and there is actually a number of people showing up solely for them.

We talked about their new album In Dreams, their approach to songwriting, and soon-to-be Guitar Heroes.

After the Burial

is a metal band from Twin Cities, Minnesota. They were founded in 2004.

Their debut record entitled "Forging a Future Self" was released through self-distribution in 2006.

After signing to Sumerian Records, After the Burial released Rareform, which was re-released after vocalist Anthony joined the band.

Their current record was released in the autumn of 2010.

The band is popular for using 8-string-guitars, intricate rhythm-patterns and a ferocious live-show.

After the Burial is currently on tour in Europe with Suicide Silence and Bleed from Within. Check them out when they are coming to a town near you!

After the Burial - My Frailty Live

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