Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

The Ocean Interview

After warming up with his second (awesome!) band Earthship, Robin Staps of The Ocean grabbed his whiskey-coke, had a little chat with me and off we went to a nearby hotel, to do a little video-interview.

Robin is the mastermind of The Ocean Collective where he writes all the lyrics, has been writing all the music for most of the time and does samples. He also plays in Earthship, has a label (Pelagic Records) and works as a translator. I talked with him about how he motivates himself on shitty days , why the U.S. Tour with Between The Buried And Me has screwed the band financially - and way more of course!

Part 1

Robin Staps

Part 2

The Ocean

is a band consisting of a collective of musicians that started in Berlin, Germany.  The band is renowned for their complex musical mixture of slow, melancholy melodic parts and noisy, hardcore-influenced, fast-paced aggressive parts.

The Ocean is furthermore known for writing concept records with complex lyrical themes. As "Precambrian" touches the origin of the earth. While "Heliocentric" and "Anthropocentric", the most recent records, dealing with the christian legacy.

The Band has gone through a bunch of line-up changes, the most famous one probably being Nico from War from A Harlots Mouth and has found a steady line-up since the record "Heliocentric".
The current line-up looks like that:
  • Robin Staps - guitars, samples, backing vocals
  • Loic Rossetti - vocals
  • Luc Hess - drums
  • Jonathan Nido - guitars
  • Louis Jucker - bass
The Ocean is currently on tour with Intronaut, Red Fang and Earthship.

Check out more about the band here

U.S. Tour Blog Part 1

U.S. Tour Blog Part 2

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