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Review - The Soulless - Isolated


Isolated Cover Artwork

1. Unaltered
2. The Path
3. Earthbound
4. 13th Morning
5. New Perspective
6. Clones
7. Revelations
8. Our Return
9. Unite Us
10. You Are nothing to Me
11. Without Heart

„Of Winter Born“ – that was the title of Ignominious Incarceration’s promising 2009 debut record. The music could be described as technical death metal.
The band’s name and the sheer amount of technical bands as well as deathcore bands at that time led to the band calling it quits.

Three members of Ignominious Incarceration want to give music another shot, though. Vocalist Andy Wardle, guitarist Steve Brown and bassist Chris Ball have now returned as The Soulless.
The band wants to be seen as a complete new band. The addition of Dan Wilding (ex-Aborted, ex-Trigger theBloodshed) as new drummer and Kristen Dawson as new guitarist only add to that fact. So here’s their debut album, Isolated for review then.

Unaltered starts off with intense melodic-riffing, fast-paced drumming and fast-forward, aggressive vocals. The technicality of the album is on a very high level, no doubt about that.

You got your breakdowns, melodic hooks, and small portions of blastbeats. I can’t really say that it’s bad in any way. The problem is though, if you look at the description of the first song, Unaltered, it applies to almost every song of the album. The production lacks dynamics, which makes it even harder for the songs to stay in people’s heads.

Yet, there are two instrumentals that stand out: „13th Morning“ and „You are nothing to me“ – they feature piano and acoustic guitar parts. Those two only clock in at a little over a minute though.

Looking at the running time of the album, only 33 minutes, you kinda already get the idea of what’s the problem here. The band has had a handful of great ideas, but the songs aren’t as memorable as they could be. The Soulless should ditch a few of their (pretty damn good) riffs and incorporate more transitions, this would add more dynamics to the songs.

Isolated is a really promising debut record once again. It isn’t bad by any means, but it doesn’t stand out either. The Soulless get an excuse for being a complete new band, but they shouldn’t blow it on their next record.

Video for „Unaltered“

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