Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Review - Evan Brewer - Alone


1. Actualize
2. Contraband
3. Currency
4. Altered Perspective One
5. Altered Perspective Two
6. Vertigo
7. The Decline
8. Degenerate
9. Looking West
10. A Climate for Change

A complete record with nothing but bass on it? Can that work? Well in this case, it sure does work.

Evan Brewer, known for his bass-work in technical death metal band Animosity, shows what this instrument is capable of. "Alone" is jazzy, funky, technical and full of soul and groove. Yet it's never too much for the listener.

Although, the songs are very intricate and multi-layered, listeners are able to grasp certain aspects of the songs, which keep them coming back. "Currency" being one of the prime examples.

The title "Alone" might make you think that the album is melancholy, but it is way more: it's upbeat, yet contemplative, laid back and, at times, cheerful.

Evan Brewer shows, that not only shredders like Francesco Artusato can release solo-albums - maybe this is the beginning of a whole bunch of talented bassists to release solo albums? Well, I as a bassplayer myself wouldn't have a problem with that.

Alone sure is an album for music-nerds, but casual listeners should at least give it a try, this record might be your introduction to a broader musical horizon.

PS: Evan Brewer is now the bass-player for "The Faceless"

Promo-Video for "Alone"

Sample of "Currency"

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