Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Summer boredom?

 So it's summer once again. It's boiling hot. School's out. There's nothing on TV, nothing on the interwebs. So what are you gonna do?

Go to a Festival!

Picture On Festival-Line-Up

But not one of those huge sellout-rockfestivals, they blow.  You'd rather go check out a small, comfy, festival with a good mixture of mainstream and underground bands.

So what have we got here in Austria? Novarock? Frequency? Those are some of the mega-rockfestivals. How about Picture-On-Festival from 11th to 13th of August?

This festival takes place in the middle of the city-centre of the 300-inhabitant city Bildein in southern Burgenland, Austria, and builds on an 11-year experience. But the best thing is: they actually pay attention to the environment. They've introduced organic(!) festival-shirts, a reusable-system for festival-cups and are trying to become a low-waste festival.

Their main focus lies on a diverse line-up and the festival-visitor. Such a philosophy is unseen in today's festival daily-grind. Those ideas have to be supported!

Oh, I almost forgot. What's the most important thing about a festival, except for the beer maybe? The bands!

And picture-on festival has got some great bands: Therapy?, As I Lay Dying, Gentleman, Russkaja and my personal favourite: The Dillinger Escape Plan. If you don't know this crazy, jazz-influenced mathcore-band, you're definitely in for a treat:

The Dillinger Escape Plan live @ Summerblast 2010

As you can see, they pretty much rock live, I myself can't wait to see those guys live again.

Check out the festival-website for the complete line-up and infos about camping and arrival-plans:

Like I mentioned, they've got a great mixture of big mainstream bands and austrian/underground bands.

So, as a conclusion: to hell with summer boredom! Let's go check out some great bands!

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