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Review - Decapitated - Carnival is Forever

Decapitated 2011



1. The Knife
2. United
3. Carnival Is Forever
4. Homo Sum
5. 404
6. A View From A Hole
7. Pest
8.  Silence

Decapitated are back - and they're kicking ass and taking names

So we all already know the sad story about Vitek and Covan. I'm not gonna go on about that. This review will be solely about the music.

Let's start right away. Carnival is Forever starts off with intricate, poly-rhythmic riffing. Nothing new here - that's how we all know the polish tech-death outfit.

The first thing one realizes though, is the organic sound of the record. You can hear right away, that no triggers, over-dubs or anything for that matter were used on the album. Which gives it a lively feeling.

A real surprise comes with the title track, though: An epic 9-minute-journey which combines soft, mellow, acoustic parts with Morbid Angel-esque riffing and ferocious blast- and double-bass parts. Intense.

This new addition to Decapitated's sound is kept over the record: "A View from A Hole" has acoustic parts - and the final track "Silence" is completely acoustic. In alteration with high-speed, violent attacks like "404" and "Pest" this makes for a great diversified record, which makes you want to come back and listen to the record again - because you know that there are still some little kinks to discover.

A great example would be "Homo Sum", with it's typical Decapitated riffing and a progressive middle-part.

Let's focus on the new line-up: Krimh's (Drums) performance is outstanding - he knows when to hold back and follow the riffs, yet, at times, showcases his technical abilities. Rafal's vocals are more shouted than growled, which, to some, might be off-putting. For me it's just fine. We'll see how he does on older Decapitated songs.

So what can you expect from "Carnival is Forever"? Fans will be surprised by some of the most progressive songs yet. Death Metal fans that are unfamiliar with Decapitated should get ready for a mixture of Meshuggah-type riffing with blast-attacks and some Tool-ish mellow parts.

In my opinion, Decapitated made a statement with this record: Not only are they back - they are here to stay - and that's a good thing!

Studio Webisode

"Homo Sum"

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