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Pearls in the Making - Beyond Creation - The Aura

"The Aura" Cover Artwork
1. No Request For The Corrupted
2. Coexistence
3. Chromatic Horizon
4. Omnipresent Perception
5. Injustice Revealed
6. Le Détenteur
7. The Aura
8. Social Disability
9. Elevation Path
10. The Deported

Technical death metal from Canada? Yes we've heard that before. But Beyond Creation has a special asset: an insanely talented bassist playing a fretless bass.

So what can you expect from The Aura? Take a little bit of Necrophagist, mix it with some Cryptopsy and add a little bit of Pestilence to it. You'll get 53 minutes of technical metal madness: breaks, solos and high-speed powerhouse drumming.

But the really interesting thing about Beyond Creation is their ability to slow down at times ("Coexistence", "The Aura"), and not to overstrain their technical abilities. They even know how to write solos and leads with real feeling - something that has become rare these days.

As I've mentioned before, the intriguing thing about this band is their bassist - Dominic "Forest" Lapointe. His fretless bass is audible throughout the record and adds a wierd feeling of unpleasantness to the songs, which makes them really stick out. (Tip: "Le Détenteur) I don't even have to mention that he's insanely talented - they're from Canada, right?

The only let-down of the record is the vocalist for me. I'm not saying that he's bad by any means. He's just not as special as the other musicians.

"The Aura" showcases, how Pestilence would sound like if they would still be awesome.

I highly recommend checking this band out!

Beyond Creation - Coexistence

Beyond Creation - Bass Video - Omnipresent Perception

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