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Review - All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends

All Shall Perish 2011
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All Shall Perish are back - and go overboard

"Awaken the Dreamers" was All Shall Perish's masterpiece. Technicality, brutality, hardcore beatdowns and acoustic parts had never been combined in a more coherent and fitting way.

Unfortunately, then-lead guitarist and shredder extra-ordinaire, Chris Storey, quit the band together with founding member Matt Kuykendall (drums).

It didn't take long until new members were found. The live-shows (and videos) showed that Adam Pierce (drums) and Francesco Artusato (a Berklee-graduate, lead-guitar) have the technical skill to fil the holes left by the  ex-members.

Now, with the new record "This Is Where It Ends" they had to prove their songwriting abilities. And, unfortunately again, it seems as they wanted too much.

This is Where It Ends is as technical as ever (the beginning of "Spineless"!), features acoustic parts ("Procession of Ashes", "In this Life of Pain", "The Past Will Haunt us Both"), Black Metal-Parts ("Rebirth"), and has some of the fastest drumming ever on it.

Eddie's vocals vary between high-pitched screams, death metal-growls - his vocals seem to carry more emotion than ever before. Those are the good things.

The bad things are, that, first of all, the production of the record makes the songs sound blurred. Plus, the record is mixed really loud.

And, as mentioned above, All Shall Perish go a little overboard on this record. The record goes on for more than 55 minutes. While that usually is a good thing in my book - in this case, it isn't: it's simply too much. Some of the songs are too repetitive and not memorable. Less would've been more in this case.

Furthermore, it seems to me that the band has lost it's melody-machine with Chris Storey. While Francesco Artusato is an outstanding shredder, his leads aren't as distinctive as Chris'.

Nonetheless, "This Is Where It Ends" is a really good record, to me it just isn't as breathtaking as its predecessor. And: it proves that bands that have risen during the Deathcore-Trend are legitimate as well.

Video for: There Is Nothing Left

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