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Musicians up Close - Bernd "Bernth" Brodträger

Travelling the world playing music? Making a living doing what you love? Sounds like a dream come true right?
Bernth seems to be living the dream - being only 20 years old. He tours world playing the lead guitar for Belphegor, while he works on his own band Bled Dry when he's off duty. But what does one have to sacrifice to reach this level at such a young age?

Bernth doing what he does best - shredding
When did you first consciously get in touch with music? What is your oldest
childhood-memory concerning music?

I think the first musical piece that really caught my attention was 'Out of the Dark' by Falco in '98. My father told me about his accident, when we were playing the track in our car. I felt like I'm listening to a dead man, who wants to come back and reach the light of life again. The song itself was so dark and full of emotion, maybe that defined my taste for music later on.

Although you are always working on music, you seem like you’re not challenged
enough. Do you have any new projects lined up that would reveal your full

In the past years, there has been no day I have not spent in a creative way. I work on my career 24/7 and I gave up everything else, that I ever cared about. It's just me, music and art.
The secret of constantly growing is challenge – and I challenge myself in lots of different ways.
For example, since I started playing guitar I compared myself and my skills with all the big guitarists. It was never like 'Oh well, I do this for fun and I'll never be that good' – I always wanted to be the best at what I'm doing.
The project that challenges me the most right now is the new Bled Dry record. The songwriting started one year ago and I have written over 20 pieces, 9-12 will make it on the record. Recording is scheduled in February/March 2012 and there will be some news concerning the album soon.

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You have the chance to travel the world through music at a very young age. Did you
set yourself the goal to pursue a career in music? Or did it happen „accidentally“?

As I said previously, I always wanted to be the best at what I'm doing. So when I picked up a guitar for the first time, I felt that this is the thing I wanted and needed to do. If I would be a spiritual guy, I'd talk about destiny and all that stuff but it just felt right. I never forced myself to practice for hours, it just happened. But I wouldn't say that it happened accidentally because without all of the blood, sweat and tears I wouldn't be where I am now. I also didn't feel like I set myself that goal, it just evolved and evolved, from band to band and from status to status, I just never gave up fighting.

You have an insight in today’s music business. If you could change one thing about it
− what would it be?

Well, business is about money. And we all know, that those people behind the scenes in music business want to make money with music. I despise the fact that when a trend comes, artists are forced to follow it or they die.
Those bands who stand out for me defined their style and maybe changed it sometimes - but you never had the feeling that they did it without good reason.
If I had the power to change something, I would try to convince people to buy CDs and stop downloading.

Do you have something like a „Plan B“ if your music career, for whatever reason,
shouldn’t work out?

That could happen extremely fast. Imagine if I loose some fingers or break certain bones in an accident – then it's over. But it's also about that risk that's woven into this kind of career. If you pursue this, you have to be totally determined, there is no 'trying' - there's just 'doing'.
If that would happen, I would focus on my job as a designer I think.

Besides your music, you’re also working as a designer. Creativity seems to be an
important factor in your life. Yet, all your work has a „dark-touch“ to it. What’s the
reason for that?

Creativity is the ONLY factor in my life! Yes, I work for Udio Media and do CD artworks, shirtdesigns, displays, banners, flyers,... pretty much everything a band or company could ask for. I started learning how to do this because I wanted to create the artworks for my bands myself. Those pieces are very important to me since only I exactly know what it should look like. After years I can finally do it on a professional level.
Almost everything I do has a dark feeling/vibe to it. The negative sides of life always inspired me the most and I wrote the best songs when I was going through hell. As much as it hurts, suffering and emotions in general are my fuel to creation. I often write songs and design artworks depending on my mood and how I feel, those are the best to date.

Bled Dry Artwork by Bernth
Do you have any final words for your fans and friends?

I would like to thank my endorsers Ibanez, Laboga, EMG, Intunegp and Hesu for their trust and support and everyone that still stands on my side and is a true friend.

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