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Review: Trivium - In Waves

Trivium 2011
Cover Artwork
In Waves Artwork by Danny Jones/Yasly
In Waves - A Mainstream Metal Masterpiece

The sound of an off-tune piano, creating an uncomfortable feeling, accompanied by a drum-rhythm, calmly lures the listeners in. Suddenly: "In Waves" - Matt K. Heafy's scream wakes them up and takes them on a 60-minute-journey.

What follows then is a blueprint for mainstream metal. In Waves features some of Trivium's catchiest songs. Yet, at the same time, Trivium are more brutal than ever, while some of the songs are really technical.

The record was written collectively: Matt K. Heafy's love for Queen is undeniable, Corey Beaulieu was responsible for writing some challenging leads and Paolo Gregoletto probably contributed the most to the structure of the songs.

Nick Augusto (drums, ex-Metal Militia, ex-Maruta), who has replaced founding member Travis Smith is just what Trivium needed: his drumming adds a new level of musicality to the band. His blast-beats almost work like an own instrument.

The band has mentioned it in several interviews: They took a lot of time and stripped the songs down to make them more accessible. This plan was a total success. The hooks on this record are undeniably catchy, while, at the same time, the more intricate songs keep the listener coming back.

The production was handled by Colin Richardson, who did an outstanding job - In Waves must be one of the best-sounding modern records.

What really sets In Waves apart and makes it special is the visual concept that goes hand in hand with the music: not less than 5 visual artists have worked for 1 year on the concept - the live-show, music videos, merchandise, band photos, the packaging of the record - all of those are coordinated which not only makes the band memorable but creates a picture in the listener's head whenever he hears a song.

The Special Edition features a dvd with a live-show recorded at Chapman Studios and a documentary on the recording-session. Whether or not you like the music, such actions have to be acknowledged, because they offer great value for money for fans.

Trivium have reinvented themselves. In Waves is one of today's milestones in music - you can quote me on that. This record sets standards and is on par with records like The Black Album. It is definitely worth checking it out.

Visual Artists on this Record:
Jon Paul Douglass
Megan Giese
Danny Jones
Ramon Boutviseth
Wes Sumner

Packaging Details

Video for In Waves

Trivium live @ Wacken 2011

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