Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Never Say Die!-Tour: Suicide Silence Interview

Suicide Silence are currently headlining the Impericon Never Say Die!-Tour. The huge package tour stopped in Vienna too and laid waste to the legendary Arena.

After talking to Mark back in summer, when they were playing Szene Wien, we once again met up with Suicide Silence's shredder, who seems to be chill all the time. He even remembered us, and it was just as nice to talk to him as last time.

The guys seem to have no problem with random blogger dudes invading their backstage area and stealing their precious off-time.

The chat can be watched here:

After the interview, Suicide Silence played a phenomenal live-set which consisted mainly of their hits and a bunch of new songs. The crowd response was mind-blowing, but consequential to the band's relentless touring activities; the band played extremely tight and the sound was powerful all the way through.

Mitch Lucker, whose ferocious screams seem to get higher and higher, had the crowd in his hands and mobilized their energy after 6 bands and 4 hours of constant dancing, screaming and moshing.

For the last song, No Pity for A Coward, Suicide Silence had fans storming on the stage to perform the song together with them. And that's just another testimony to the band's connectedness with their fans.

March to the black crown / Wake up live @ Vienna, Austria

You only live once live @ Vienna, Austria

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