Montag, 14. November 2011

Machine Head Interview

Machine Head

Being biased in a positive way before an interview is not the perfect setting. I know that. But in this case, I don't care. Why? Because I had the chance to talk to the mighty Machine Head!

Ok, so now I'm going to out myself as a total Machine Head (or Mushy Ned, if you will) fanboy. I've been following them for years, I even drove to Prague and Luxembourg for them, and I'll fly to London this year to see them lay waste to Wembley Arena.
For me, they are one of those "larger-than-life"-bands. Their music and especially their lyrics have been so inspiring for me, that, at times, it even was a little scary, as to how much I could relate to them.

They've helped me through some very rough times, and still continue to do so. The fact that I absolutely love their music only adds to that.

So yeah, I talked to Robb and Adam on 12th of November, when they were playing the Gasometer in Vienna. I gotta say, I've done quite a few interviews so far, and I thought I'd be somewhat self confident. But when Adam and Robb entered the room, I just couldn't keep things together. My first move actually was dropping my sheets...

The weird thing was, even when I hadn't seen them, I just could feel that they had entered the room. They have such an enormous presence. Yet, they are very nice and obliging. Considering what they've been through themselves, I respect them even more now.

So what did I ask them? I tried not to focus on things that have been asked yet, to keep it more interesting for the recipients. Here's how it turned out:

Machine Head - Locust (Video)

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