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Review - Architects - Daybreaker

Architects 2012

Daybreaker Cover


1. The Bitter End
2. Alpha Omega
3. These Colours Don't Run
4. Daybreak
5. Truth, Be Told
6. Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat (feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon)
7. Outsider Heart
8. Behind  the Throne
9. Devil's Island
10. Feather of Lead
11. Unbeliever

Can you feel that fire growing?

Though Mathcore-Outfit Architects definitely is at the forefront of modern heavy-bands from the UK, their last record The Here And Now has been criticized a lot. Older fans dubbed it too melodic and not heavy enough. Those fans should pay close attention to Architects' lates record: all your criticism will be drowned in the heavyness of Daybreaker.

Daybreaker Artwork by Paul Jackson

Daybreaker exudes anger, spits venom and overwhelms the listener with massive heavyness. Yet, as quick as the tension is built-up, it is shattered by an almost weary melancholy and frustration.

The band manages to combine its strengths from both old and new records: you get mathcore-influenced riffing with powerful drumming, hardcore-breakdowns and great melodic, electronic-influenced hooklines.

For me personally, especially Sam Carter's performance on this record is outstanding - he holds together Architects' two faces: crushing wrath and frail mournfulness.

Yet, the band takes its strengths and develops them further: lyrically inspired by a US-Tour the band speaks out against injustice and political problems. Again, I personally really like this development.
Do I even have to mention that the sound of the album is phenomenal? I guess you should find out yourself...

Daybreaker Artwork by Paul Jackson

Daybreaker doesn't only seem like a return to strength, to me it feels like Architects have found their real identity. I'm already looking forward to their next record!

Intrigued? Find out more about getting the record here

  Lyric Video for These Colours Don't Run

Architects recording Devil's Island


Architects recording Daybreaker

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