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War From A Harlots Mouth interview

War From a Harlots Mouth 2012

We sat down with the Mastermind of Berlin-based black/jazz/metal-spewing monster that is called War From A Harlots Mouth, Simon to talk about their recent Australia-tour, their new album and the good ol' music-business...

You’ve toured Australia in December. What was your impression of down under? Were there any crazy moments you’d like to share with us?
I definitely can say, that the attitude of the people we met was really refreshing. Somehow, we recognized different influences, like European or American. American because the people were really outgoing, hospitable and communicative and European because they weren’t as overdrawn, exaggerating as Americans. But yeah, touring in Australia was not very stressful, very open, very comfortable for us. On top of that, the shows were really cool and we got along with Thy Art Is Murder really well. All in all it was a great experience. Little details like parrots and cockatoos flying around were just mindblowing…
How did the fans react to your music?
We definitely had the bonus of being “exotic” so to speak. Nonetheless the feedback was really good, and the audience was really open-minded, and often times, the people talked to us after the shows. Like I said, it was really comfortable for us. Sometimes we also managed to get really enthuastic reactions, which was really really cool. You could really tell that there aren’t a lot of tours in those areas and thus the people were really hungry for some shows.

 War From A Harlots Mouth live in Australia

While touring Australia, did you plan to hit up other countries like New Zealand, Indoneisa or Japan as well?
We were thinking of going to Indonesia for a short time actually, but the tour got rescheduled, which destroyed our plans. But there are some loose plans of going back to Australia and doing something with our buddies in Thy Art Is Murder again. We’d love to use this chance to see more of Asia, like Japan or even Bali, which would be insane. So yeah there are some plans, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Thy Art Is Murder: IN|FINITE FORMS

Who came up with the most material for your latest album?
I do a lot of writing at home. Over the course of the last few years, I built my own home studio (Moulder Masters) and therefore everything I write is instantly pre-produced. I also programm the drums. I then send it over to Paul (Drums) and he works on it – so there’s a lot of back and forth between us. But generally the base for a song originates at my home. As we don’t rehearse that much, we usually come together and play the new songs before we hit up the studio to record them.
Your new logo is based on the Greek letter “Omega” – what’s the idea behind it?
We always had the idea of combining our name with a symbol, which would then be associated with our band. I just realized that the Omega-letter is really fitting for our purposes. Then we simply talked to a designer who really liked the idea and then came up with the logo. So there’s not much more to it than that. But we’re really happy with the way it turned out. The old logo has been there since our first recordings and we just got a little bit 
tired of it. Lastly I think that the new logo is a better representation of our musical style.

The New War From A Harlots Mouth logo
How does the new album sound?
We can definitely say that we set a new standard with MMX. Therefore, this record will also serve as a base for our new record. I have to admit that we’re really content with what we’ve accomplished with MMX, so we won’t try to define a new musical direction, but we’ll try to improve what we’ve done on MMX.
Are there some songparts on the new record where people probably wouldn’t guess that they’re hearing a WFAHM song if played to them?
Hmm…I think that in one of the songs there is a part that sounds unexpected…yeah, we don’t need to be secretive about it: There’s a solo in one of the songs of the new record. We did use solos in one way or another, but not in such a straight context. I guess there will be more novelties, but to us it is really important that those novelties make sense in the context of the whole song, and not just on their own. There will also be jazz-parts on the new record, but, as I mentioned before, they also have to fit into the whole song.
How much importance does spontaneity play in your songwriting?
On our first records it played a huge part. If someone had an idea in our rehearsal space, we made something out of it, right on the spot. But today we try to write whole, complete songs in a real songwriting process, which fit together harmonically and rhythmically. I guess our approach nowadays is more thought-out.

Do you already know, where you’ll record the new album?
Yes, we do all our recordings in the same studio in Berlin. It would be cool to try something new, to go to a different city for example. But honestly, that is something we just can’t afford, as we also have to work next to our recording-sessions. One part of the recording will take place at my home, where we’ll record bass and guitars. That is something where we can save costs. After reamping, the drums and the vocals will be added in the studio.
"No one can take away the satisfaction we get from our musical creativity."
Has the music business ever taken away your passion, your fun in your band, your music?
Not inside of the band, but in a lot of things that happen outside of our band. It is easy to get frustrated. The creative unit of our band does not get disturbed, but the business-aspect of, say, going on tour, can be really disenchanting and frustrating.
But no one can take away the satisfaction we get from our musical creativity.

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