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The Sorrow - Exclusive Interview

The Sorrow literally gave Austria's Metal Scene a new face. The guys have managed to quickly draw international attention to them. But the young face became a bit wrinkly during the last years. Depression, personal problems, isolation, sicknesses - the band had to go through a lot. But The Sorrow won't give up.

"Misery Escape" is the title of their new record, and it's the embodiment of such a positive attitude. Andreas Mäser, lead-guitarist of The Sorrow answered us some exclusive questions:

Andi of The Sorrow

Is there a concept behind "Misery Escape"?
As usual, we deal with both personal and common problems, which affect everybody. Lovesickness, isolation, depression, hopes and much more. There's not a real concept behind the record, but with "Misery Escape" we want to give our listeneres power throughout their day and help them battle their miseries. We think that one should always try to stay positive, no matter how tough life may be. Our drummer having cancer did have an influence on our lives after all...

"Our drummer having cancer did have an influence on our lives after all..."

Describe the record with three words
Emotional / Epic / Melodic

Your record "The Sorrow" saw some major differences in sound happen. Can we expect more changes or did you stick with that sound?
I think that we are a band that will always evolve. We simply don't want to make the same record twice, we'd be bored to death if we did. There are moments on "Misery Escape" that no one will expect though.

Misery Escape Artwork

With your last record "The Sorrow" you developed a visual concept, which worked live especially well. Can we expect that from the new record as well?
We do whatever we can, to give our listeners the best live show. There will be cool light-stuff, that's for sure. But right now we're working that stuff out and we're figuring out what will work and what won't.

After recording "The Sorrow" - was there something you really wanted to change, to improve?
We always try to see the whole and to give our best as a band and to write great songs. You can always get better technically. But what do you need all the technique for, when you can't write good songs? I personally think that we did a great job and I hope people will dig it :-)

The Sorrow rehearsing
When and were was the album written?
We wrote the songs last autumn. Over the course of two months, we met on a daily basis and put together, what ideas we collected over the last year. That worked and works out really good for us actually. We record mainly on our computers, simply because it works really fast. That makes the process really easy for us.

"Mätze went through hell this time"

How was the recording-process for you? Were there any problems?
Hell yes there were problems. The recording sessions took months! We worked with our producer Sky van Hoff on our songs a lot, actually re-wrote some parts and tried different things. Sky is a genius when it comes to songwriting and he did an outstanding job. Mätze went through hell this time, he even got a vocal-chord infection and couldn't sing for 10 weeks. We even had to cancel the recording-sessions to go working, just to have warm meals on our tables. It was a pain in the ass! But now we're really really happy with how it turned out.

Misery Escpae is your first record for Napalm Records. What changed for you? Did you get more support for the new record? 
I think we'll see. We are happy that we're at an austrian label - it just makes communication so much easier for us! So far we have a really great feeling and we're looking positively ahead!

Why did you change your label?
Our contract with Drakkar run out and we were looking for labels, because we did not want to extend our contract. We had some offers and chose Napalm, because we think that it's a label that has a bright future. All the labels are going down the drain, as everyone knows and we think that we're safe at Napalm Records.

The Sorrow 2012

Your debut record „Blessings from A Blackened Sky“ turned 5 recently. If you compare it to your new record - what has changed for you? What has stayed the same?
What definitely has stayed the same is our ambition to always give the best and everything to make sure that our records turn out good. What has changed is the sound of the record. "Blessings" was really good at the time it came out and we're still proud of it, but we simply never had such a sound as we achieved on "Misery Escape". For the first time we are really happy with how the record sounds and everything turned out.

How does The Sorrow sound in 2012?
I hope we still sound like us, we pay great attention to that actually. We want to stay to our trademarks. We don't like making records that don't sound like The Sorrow anymore. Listening to the record one definitely can tell that we've made great progression, but I'm sure that people can still tell that it's The Sorrow they are listening to.

"We hope to touch as many people as possible and to make them happy"

What goals do you have with the record?
We hope to touch as many people as possible and to make them happy. Music is such an important point of so many people's lives and there's no greater feeling for us than to hear that our music has helped someone in a bad situation or during a problem. Of course it'd be nice to sell a lot of records and to make a living making music, but I guess that will stay a dream :) We're really happy with how things are now and we can't think of being without the band!

Catch 'em live!

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