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As I Lay Dying - Awakened

As I Lay Dying 2012

Awakened Album Art

Metalcore - A Dying Genre?

Metalcore is dead. There are like a gazillion bands out there, the genre is repetitive, they all sound (and mostly even look) the same. Not a good starting point for a new "Metalcore"-record isn't it?

So what would a well-proven, DIY-punk do in such a situation? He simply wouldn't give a sh*t. And that's what As I Lay Dying did.

A gnarly blast-beat combined with a thrashyriff and Tim's distinctive scream - "Cauterize", the first track off of "Awakened" starts off ferociously and quickly leads to an epic sing-along verse, sung by Josh Gilbert. Add a nice beatdown and a tasty solo to that and you've got the frame for the whole record.

Instead of working with Adam D from Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying chose Descendents founder Bill Stevenson to produce Awakened. Bill has worked with Rise Against and NOFX in the past and one can tell his influence. While the band definitely could improve their technicality, the songs seem more fluently and catchier than ever. "Catchy" is actually a little understatement here: the choruses, mostly sung by Josh Gilbert, are earworm-guarantors for sure.

While there are some minor differences (the classic-intro to "Overcome", the beginning of "Whispering Silence"), As I Lay Dying stayed true to their core-strenghts and refined them. If that's a good thing or not is up to you to choose.

The band has said in interviews that they wanted the songs to work in a live-setting - this plan definitely worked out. As I Lay Dying's commanding live-energy will bring a whole new life to songs like "A greater Foundation" or "Defender".

The only thing that let me down a little bit: I expected a more punky sound. But the sound is as metal as it gets. Of course it's top-notch as usual, but a little less clean and a little more rough would've been a nice surprise here.

To sum it up, "Awakened" features 11 killer-sounding, moshpit-inducing, fist-raising, sing-along tracks which will make our ears ring on their next live-show. Can't wait to catch them live again!

Video for "A greater Foundation"

Cauterize lyric video

  As I Lay Dying recording Awakened

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