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Down - Witchtripper EP

Down 2012
Witchripper Cover Art
...and at last, the quintette of seasoned veterans rises again from the slumps of the Mississippi. Probably having killed some alligators on it's way out the Crescent City, Down return with a new EP after their 2007 release "III: Over the Under".

"Down IV Part I: The Purple EP", or, more simply, "Witchtripper EP" is the title of Part I of a series of four EPs to be released every year.

Supposedly, the four EPs shall retell Down's history by starting at the beginning: The band has cited influences such as Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus in interviews.

While those bands definitely have influenced Down, as their former records have proven, the "Witchtripper EP" unfortunately lacks the songwriting-brilliancy of those bands.

At first listen, the band seems really uninspired to be honest. The songs sound too monotonous, too slow, the emotional journey is missing. While Phil's lyrics are as heart-felt as ever, it feels like the music doesn't complement his singing as much as it did on prior records.

It feels like the band got together in their rehearsal space and jammed out some songs, which were then put on an EP. While that isn't a bad thing in any way at all, it feels like the finishing touches haven't yet been laid on the songs. Yet, the good thing about this is the sound of the record: No overproduced stuff here, simply raw and rough sounding guitars and drums.

The "Witchtripper EP" is definitely only for die-hard fans of the band - something to collect. Not more. Let's hope for the next EP.

1. Levitation
2. Witchtripper
3. Open Coffins
4. The Curse Is A Lie
5. This Work Is Timeless
6. Misfortune Teller

Witchtripper Video

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