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Sylosis - Monolith

Sylosis 2012

Hell, I can't believe I'm writing another "this record is oh so great" review. But, it's actually true: Monolith by modern thrashers Sylosis is just a great record. How's that my fault? Who cares, let's talk about Monolith.

First and foremost: If you didn't like Edge of the Earth, stop reading this review right now. You won't like Monolith either and you're not my friend.

Monolith continues where Edge of the Earth has stopped. The whole record can be summed up in what seems like a call for refocussing on the longevity of well-written songs in modern metal. But that doesn't mean that Sylosis is in any way retro or vintage for that matter. They just take what has been done right in the past and use it for the good of their own songs.

Monolith album Artwork

Whether it be fast thrashers (Out from Below, The River), melodic, proggy break parts (What Dwells Within) or mid-tempo stompers (All Is Not Well) - the four lads from reading always put the main emphasis on the songwriting part itself.

The simple fact that the 72 minutes of this record pass way too quickly should be enough to proof that the songs flow greatly.

The technical abilities of Sylosis don't have to be mentioned here, everyone knows that they are extremely talented. But again, there are no show-off things here, everything works fine with the flow of the songs.

Reminiscences on Death and even Metallica have been drawn before, but this time I sense a little bit of Mastodon and Rush in the songs. The end of "Enshrined" even reminds me of Opeth, and it shows just how good Josh's vocals have become. 

Josh Middleton recording guitars
I've mentioned in the beginning that Sylosis aren't retro. Well, they aren't - but Monolith sounds like a record from the good old days. It's not too loud, it sounds organic, everything's audible. It's just real good production.

What else is there to say than "this record is oh so great"? Nothing. Go buy this record or at least buy a shirt at a Sylosis show.

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