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The Faceless - Autotheism

The Faceless 2012

Au'to'the'ism,n.: a person's elevation of himself into being his own god

Whether or not Michael Keene believes that he is his own god, he definitely is my god.

Autotheism seduces you with a mellifluous piano and orchestral melody. Yet, the feeling quickly changes as the song progresses into a riff that creates a dark, almost dangerous atmosphere. The riff is complemented with clean vocals which quickly change into ferocious growling as Autotheism grabs the listener, shakes him, leaving him disturbed and scared. The journey slows down and an almost sarcastic sounding clean sung vocalist proclaims „God is dead!“, before it speeds up again into dramatic chaos.

Autotheism starts off with a tough trilogy for the listener, which already makes up almost half of the record. But this trilogy features everything one could want and shows the direction of the record: mid-tempo, great clean vocals, fierce growling, hellish speeds, insane technique and drumming; it even features a saxophone. Yet all of that isn’t just there, intermingled somehow to fit, it all makes sense when it’s used. This goes to show how good The Faceless is at songwriting.

Autotheism Artwork
And yep, you heard right: there are clean vocals – all of them sung by Michael Keene, who is already the mastermind behind the songwriting, shredder extraordinaire and producer. And I think that it is safe to say that Autotheism is Michael Keene’s masterpiece. Though it might be tough for some listeners I dare them to go into this record open-minded. The clean vocals just fit into the songs. They don’t sound forced – it’s just what The Faceless was missing.

Yet, of course, Keene is not the only one shining here, Lyle Cooper’s drumming performance is as great as we’re used to, though it feels like they all focused on the songs first and then on how much of their ability they can show off. Same goes for Evan Brewer (Bass).

So what can one expect if he hasn't heard the Faceless before? Autoheism feels like a mixture of Jazz, Technical Death ála Cynic and, not surprisingly, Opeth and Nine Inch Nails. Altogether, this combination leads to a progression from Planetary Duality. Autotheism actually is that bit better.

Autotheism sets new standards. This record does not compliment any fad or trend, it’s already timeless. We should pass it on to next generations. The simple fact that Autotheism is a step forward from Planetary Duality – which was great by itself - should be enough reason to listen to this phenomenal record.

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