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The Sorrow - Misery Escape

The Sorrow
The Sorrow have become an integral part of Austria’s metal scene. The four guys from Vorarlberg have managed to not only quickly become a professional band, they’ve already released four consecutive high-quality records with the same line-up in five years. A rarity.

This goes to show that TheSorrow is a hard-working band. And all that hard work definitely pays off. With the previous record, simply entitled „The Sorrow“, the guys have managed to manifest their own distinctive style. „Misery Escape“, The Sorrow’s newest record, is a consequent continuation from their previous one.

„Retracing Memories“, showcases The Sorrow’s line of approach: Misery Escape is extremer than every previous record on two aspects . On one hand, it definitely is the most technical output thus far. The guitar and drum-work hasn't been better before. Yet at the same time, The Sorrow hasn’t disregarded their core strength: Writing catchy as hell, almost anthemic choruses. Those choruses have never sounded, for lack of a better word, poppier before.

Misery Escape Artwork
„Lost chapters“ is the only exception and a welcome surprise: A great mid-tempo, almost Stoner Rockish sounding, melancholy track with a spoken word part that proofs that those guys have more sides to them than writing Metal tracks.

In an interview with us, Andi (Guitars) told us that they had a really tough time recording Misery Escape. But again, the hard work definitely pays off. This record sounds nothing but tasty. Sky van Hoff’s songwriting skills have had their fair share of influence as well. If you listen closely, the songs feature little details which keep them interesting.

„Follow the Lights“, closes Misery Escape. What at first starts off like a speedy thrasher quickly develops into one of The Sorrow’s poppiest „ballads“ ever. As I stated at the beginning, The Sorrow have developed their distinct sound: To a large part this is thanks to Mätze’s voice. There are few people in the business that can combine actually good sounding clean vocals with fierce screaming.

Misery Escape is, hands down, The Sorrow’s strongest output thus far. With this record, The Sorrow are here to stay. I personally am already looking forward to the next record - Until then, let’s enjoy Misery Esacpe!

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