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Devastating Enemy - Pictures & Delusions

Devastating Enemy 2012

Wiener Neustadt's figurehead in all things metal are finally back with a new pack of songs. And those songs will again stir up Austria's metal landscape.

Devastating Enemy's prior record "The Fallen Prophet" was often criticized for not being structured enough (which, I, by the way, didn't think at all). Well those critics should now be silenced, because Pictures & Delusions is a really solid, compact record. The dudes seem to have focused more on songwriting than on showing their technical abilities (which we all know are top-notch).

Songs like "Into the Fire", "Fail to Resist" or my personal favourite "I Conspire with Life" are a perfect presentation of Devastating Enemy's approach on "Pictures & Delusions": Speed, growling, technique, tasty solos, clean vocals, electronic insertions - all that densely put together in songs that aren't longer than 4 minutes and which will cause some serious devastation (pun intended!) in the pits around Austria.

Artwork for Pictures & Delusions by Archetype Design

Another novelty on "Pictures & Delusions" is the emphasis the band has put on clean vocals. A lot of the choruses are sung clean. And while I myself was a little scared when I first watched the Album trailer the guys released, let me tell you, there is no reason to fear that Devastating Enemy aren't heavy any more: When you listen to the whole record, you will feel seriously ass-kicked. In fact, after listening to the record quite a few times, the clean vocals are a definite plus: The songs stick way better in one's head.

Production-wise, the record again is on par with genre-leaders. In an interview with us, Alex (lead guitars) told me, that the band mostly hasn't used any drum-triggers on the record. Together with the earthy, chunky guitar sound, this leads to an almost organic sounding record. The only thing that could be louder is Jörg's bass (next time: turn that thing up dude!).
But the person who sticks out the most is Devastating Enemy's vocalist Daniel. His growls are as fierce as usual, but his clean vocals sound really strong and powerful - "Confuse The Light" is your proof here.

So to sum it up: Pictures & Delusions is a stripped-down, merciless abstract of Devastating Enemy's core strength: writing some catchy, metal as fuck, head-bang inducing songs. Can't wait for their next one!

PS: Catch the guys live - you won't be disappointed!

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