Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Graveyard - Lights Out

Graveyard 2012

A whiskey-drenched, smoky hovel with a small wooden stage. Sweat seems to be dripping off the ceiling while bearded dudes wearing lumberjack-shirts are yelling at a band rocking out, somehow trying to live the dream.

The where I imagined Graveyard playing at when I first heard one of their tracks. The differences: Graveyard are from Sweden, have become an international touring artist and have now released their third record "Lights Out".

Lights Out Cover Artwork

So I'm not gonna start with the third record being the "make it or break it" - record. Because that would mean Graveyard wouldn't make it. But I can already state that "Lights Out" isn't their best record.

While the basic conditions are all right: all analogue, rough high-pitched screaming and smooth singing,  rock'n'roll drive, fast songs, slow songs, melancholy, anger - it's all there.

But the thing is: The songs seem a little bit too forced. While on their previous records one had the feeling that Graveyard just lived out their passion for 70s rock, it seems as Graveyard felt a bit of pressure on them.
Whether it came from the press or the record label, I don't know, but let's hope that when recording their next record, Graveyard will feel as invincible as they probably did when recording their first albums.

That doesn't mean that there are only bad songs on "Lights Out" though: the melancholy "Slow Motion Countdown", the rocking "The Suits, the Law and the Uniform" and my personal favourite "Goliath" - all great tracks not only rock fans should listen to. Unfortunately the record's kinda short as well: After 35 minutes, it's already over again.

But yeah, it's not as bad as it sounds:
Lights Out is the perfect soundtrack to a solid bender that might end up with you crying over the last glass of Whiskey because of some girl that has left you. Repeat!

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