Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Kylesa - From the Vaults Vol. I

Kylesa 2012

So yeah, yet another one of those "Rarities, B-sides, previously unreleased tracks" or whatever records. We all know them, and we all know how useless they often are.

But, as usual, Sludge metallers Kylesa don't care about conformity in any way and that's why their new record "From the Vaults Vol. I" is actually a good collection of rarities and unreleased tracks.

Listening to the record as a whole, it gives a really good impression of Kylesa's musical background and development. 

The Cover alone should convince you to buy this record

Starting off at the band's Black Flag influenced roots ("Inverse"), over to their trademark dark melodies transported by driving beats ("Wavering") all the way to their newer, spheric, almost extramundane seeming prog-songs. ("Between Silence and Sound II")

That's not all: "From the Vaults Vol. 1" features a brand new track entitled "End Truth", which makes me already look forward to the band's next output.

But the best thing about the record in my opinion is Kylesa's soulful interpretation of Pink Floyd's all-time classic "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", which has been part of the band's live show for quite some time now. I love it.

'Nuff said, if you're a Kylesa fan like me, you will definitely buy this album or get it in any other way. *cough* And if you don't know the band, "From the Vaults Vol. 1" will give you a really good overlook on the band's wide musical scope.

Teaser for "From the Vaults Vol. 1"

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