Montag, 19. November 2012

The Chariot - One Wing

The Chariot
The Intonation of Insanity. Musical Madness. A schizophrenic sonic attack. The Chariot unleash an avalanche entitled "One Wing."

Boom. "Forget" slaps you on the head. The Chariot aren't holding back in any way and start off with a mathcore, Converge-influenced track, that works like an injection of pure caffeine. You're flying into a frenzy. At the end of "Not" you're slowly coming to terms with the hyperactivity you're faced with. But you built your hopes up too soon. The acoustic "Your", seeming almost like a christmas carol(!), will definitely make you go mental.

One Wing Cover Artwork
No stopping, no remorse, no hope. "First" builds up tension again and your last bit of brain functionality is being reduced to absurdity by the Italo-western ending of the song. "Love" makes you realize: That's it, you'll never recover. Accept your Fate.

But suddenly, The Chariot show compassion for your fractured state of mind. "Speak" is a heartbreaking call for hope, love and forgiveness that sends shivers down your spine. The combination of Josh's ear-piercing screams and just a simple piano is one of the most touching things i've heard in the last years. So simple yet so powerful. Insane.

Disconcerted, powerless and deranged, you sink to the floor as "In" lashes down on you and the mid-tempo of "Tongues" slowly tears you apart, you barely even realize that you're listening to "And".

But there is hope after all! You were wrong! "Cheek", featuring Charlie Chaplin's famous speech taken from the end of "The Great Dictator" opens our eyes: You have it in your hand! You can help build a second wing so we can all fly away...

This thing will haunt you in your sleep.

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